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CILEx Authorised Practitioners Directory

The directory contains details of individuals authorised by us to carry out legal work in England and Wales. We authorise Chartered Legal Executives (Fellows)  and CILEx Practitioners .

You can search the directory to find an authorised person’s name and, in most cases, the name of their firm and work address. A search will also display information about the following:

  1. Disciplinary findings against an individual, if these are publishable under our Publication Policy.
  2. The firm (also known as an entity) if we authorise it.

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Directory - Content Disclaimer

The directory contains the details of practising individuals authorised by us; that is, Chartered Legal Executives and CILEx Practitioners. The directory does not contain details of individuals who: 

  • choose not to be listed, or are non-practising;
  • are members of CILEx but have yet to qualify as Chartered Legal Executives and are in other grades, such as Associate, Graduate, Affiliate and Student.

Employer’s details and work addresses contained in the directory are based on information supplied by the authorised individuals and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information shown.

Additions, amendments and other changes to authorised individuals’ information may not always be immediately reflected in the online directory.

If you have any queries about an individual listed in the directory, or an individual who says they are authorised by CILEx Regulation but their information is not in the directory you can contact