Ethics and the Law

Ethics and the Law

The reasons for the projects

We are involved in two research projects that are looking at the ethical conduct of our regulated community. The projects are:

The ethical attitudes and professional conduct of lawyers are important to consumers of legal services and to the public generally. A high standard of ethics and professionalism is one of the benchmarks of best practice of the law. 

The 2013 Legal Education and Training Review (LETR)

 highlighted that the teaching and maintenance of professional ethics and values is ‘central to the assurance of integrity in the administration of justice and quality across the entire legal services sector’. The LETR report recommended that the teaching of ethics should be ‘strengthened’. This was endorsed by the Legal Services Board in its 2013 consultation paper, and regulators were encouraged to enhance this aspect of legal education and training.

CILEx Regulation and CILEx are alert to the importance of ethical conduct, and we are committed to requiring and fostering this to protect the public and to promote the integrity of the profession. We are fully committed to embedding ethics and professionalism in the education and training of all CILEx members and the others in our regulated community. 

Ethical training is covered in the practice units of the qualification scheme, in work-based learning requirements, and in the practice rights experience portfolios.

‘Professionalism’, including ethical attitudes and conduct, is now a compulsory element of the CPD scheme for the whole regulated community.