Legal Education and Training Review

Legal Education and Training Review

CILEx Regulation (then known as ILEX Professional Standards), the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board jointly initiated a Legal Education and Training Review (LETR). 

The LETR was a fundamental, evidence-based review of all legal education and training requirements. It covered both regulated and non-regulated activity in England and Wales. 

The LETR report is available in different versions, together with supporting evidence and references.

The aim of the LETR

The aim of the review was to ensure that the future system of legal education and training would be sufficiently robust to promote the regulatory objectives contained in the Legal Services Act 2007, focusing on the need to protect and promote the interests of consumers and to ensure an independent, strong, diverse and effective legal profession. 

The key objectives of the LETR

The key objectives of the research were to: 
  • Understand the skills, ethical framework and level of competence that will be needed by lawyers in this time of unprecedented change for the legal profession.
  • Consider the education and training needed to ensure those skills, ethical commitment and competence.
  • Find out the extent to which regulators should set and oversee detailed educational standards.

What has CILEx Regulation been doing?

CILEx Regulation and CILEx set up a joint working group to drive reforms and enhancements of our education and training approach and practices following the LETR report.

The LETR working group has overseen the revision of the CILEx competence framework, a development of Day One Outcomes that set out the knowledge, skills and experience expected and required of a Chartered Legal Executive on their first day practising as a lawyer.