Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our three-year Strategy is updated on a rolling basis by our Board.

CILEx Regulation’s commitment is at all times to act in accordance with the regulatory objectives. The interests of consumers are at the heart of our work. Our mission is to ensure that our regulated community delivers work of the highest quality, integrity and value to the consumer by first, insisting on and enforcing exacting standards and second, ensuring that barriers of cost and access for practitioners are minimised. 

CILEx practitioners have an increasingly important role to play in serving consumers’ interests. The CILEx route for the lawyers of the future promotes the public interest particularly by improving access to justice and promoting competition. The unique diversity of CILEx lawyers among legal services providers also directly addresses the objective of encouraging diversity in the legal profession. 

Our five strategic priorities are to:
- ensure that the needs of the consumer inform all our work;
- minimise the barriers to entry for practitioners of both cost and bureaucracy;
- grow the opportunities for CILEx practitioners;
- progress practical collaboration with other regulators;
- address anticipated changes in the operating environment.

These strategic objectives are delivered by the activities set out in our Business Plan. The Board receives regular reports of progress against our strategic objectives and Business Plan. These reports are published with Board meeting agendas and can be found here.


Our three-year rolling Strategy 2019-2021 can be downloaded here.

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