The CILEx Code of Conduct

The CILEx Code of Conduct

All CILEx members, CILEx Practitioners, Approved Managers and Authorised Entities must comply with all of CILEx's and CILEx Regulation’s rules and bye-laws. The CILEx Code of Conduct (the Code) sets out the standards of conduct expected of you. The new Code came into force in January 2015. The previous Code is still available to download and read (see below right).

The Code sets out 9 core principles to guide and support CILEx Regulation’s regulated community in the work they do. Regulated individuals and entities must follow the Code in their conduct, practice and professional performance and are under a duty to be familiar with the 9 core principles. The principles are supported by outcomes that you are required to achieve. You must be able to demonstrate that these outcomes are met, and in turn that the principle they refer to, is met.

You are required to:
  • Develop and use your professional knowledge and skills for the benefit of those who use your services.
  • Maintain good professional relationships with others.
  • Act in a way that promotes confidence and trust in the legal professions and the provision of legal services.
You must ensure that your conduct does not bring disrepute upon yourself or the profession. The Code informs the general public of the standards of behaviour that they should expect of you. The 9 core principles of the Code are:
  1. Uphold the rule of law and the impartial administration of justice.
  2. Maintain high standards of professional and personal conduct and justify public trust in you, your profession and the provision of legal services.
  3. Behave with honesty and integrity.
  4. Comply with your legal and regulatory obligations and deal with your regulators and ombudsmen openly, promptly and co-operatively.
  5. Act competently in the best interests of your client and respect client confidentiality.
  6. Treat everyone fairly and without prejudice.
  7. Ensure your independence is not compromised.
  8. Act effectively and in accordance with proper governance and sound financial and risk management principles.
  9. Protect client money and assets.

The 2015 Code of Conduct

This is the current version of the Code of Conduct.

> Download the 2015 Code of Conduct

The Pre-2015 CILEx Code of Conduct

This is the CILEx Code of Conduct prior to the January 2015 amendments.

> Download the pre-2015 CILEx Code of Conduct