Complaint and Allegation Summaries

Complaint and Allegation Summaries

Summary of complaint

The summary of complaint is a document that contains details of the complaint against you. It is prepared by us but is approved by the complainant. It is not an indication that we have made a decision about the complaint against you.  

Summary of allegation

The summary of allegation is similar to the summary of complaint but in these circumstances we take on the role of complainant. At this stage no decisions have been made as to the whether the allegations against you are true. 

In both situations you will be given an opportunity to respond to the complaint or allegation and provide evidence where you are able to.

Your responses will be provided to the complainant so they may respond to any evidence you provide to refute their complaint. If you do not wish any part of your response to be disclosed to the complainant you must state this clearly to us in writing. Please note that this information will not be put before the Professional Conduct Panel for consideration.

For more information please view section 2 of the Investigation, Disciplinary and Appeals Rules (IDAR) Handbook.