You will be notified of the decision within 21 days of the matter being considered by the Professional Conduct Panel (PCP) or Disciplinary Tribunal (DT), if the matter was referred to it.

You can find out more about the powers of the conduct panels on our Conduct Panels page.

Delegated decisions

In some cases, CILEx Regulation will be able to make a decision about a complaint made against you, without referral to the PCP. CILEx Regulation can:

  • Reject a complaint where CILEx Regulation has no jurisdiction or there is insufficient evidence.
  • Enter into a Determination by Consent with you, if you have accepted misconduct and a penalty.
  • Refer very serious cases directly to the Disciplinary Panel.
In each case the Investigation Manager will decide whether the case is suitable for a delegated decision. All delegated decisions are reported to the PCP.

For more details about the delegated decisions procedures please go to section 3.3 of the IDAR Handbook.  

Other matters

Applications for extensions of time within which to respond must be supported by evidence, where available. We will balance the interests of fairness with the requirement to act in a timely manner when considering the application.