What complaints can CILEx Regulation investigate?

CILEx Regulation can investigate complaints about the conduct or wrongdoing of people or entities (firms, businesses or practices) that we regulate. We will decide if they have behaved in such a way that they have failed to meet the standards we set out in the CILEx Code of Conduct

What are the rules for investigation?

The Investigation, Disciplinary and Appeals Rules (IDAR) are the rules that CILEx Regulation follows when we investigate your complaint. There is also a handbook that helps explain these rules. 

The investigation

When we receive a complaint we carry out an investigation. After we have finished our investigation into the complaint we prepare a summary of the issues and this summary is looked at by the Professional Conduct Panel (PCP)

We aim to complete the investigation and have a matter concluded within certain time frames. We will always provide you with an indication of timescales in our correspondence with you and notify you of any change.  

The 2015 Code of Conduct

This is the current version of the Code of Conduct.

> Download the 2015 Code of Conduct

The Pre-2015 CILEx Code of Conduct

This is the CILEx Code of Conduct prior to the January 2015 amendments.

> Download the pre-2015 CILEx Code of Conduct

IDAR Handbook

Complaints about your conduct are investigated in accordance with the Investigation, Disciplinary and Appeals Rules (IDAR).

> Download the IDAR Handbook