Directory of Firms

Directory of Firms

The firms we regulate are known as CILEx Authorised Entities. 

Each of our firms has been authorised to provide legal services in one or more of the following areas of law: 

Litigation and advocacy - Civil
Litigation and advocacy - Criminal
Litigation and advocacy - Family

A firm’s authorisation shows you the area of law the firm specialises in.

A firm may also provide other legal services which do not require our authorisation. However, the firm will still be regulated by us for all legal services they provide.

We set standards in legal work and services provided by the people and firms we regulate. We can take action if they do not meet our standards. 

Only firms we regulate are allowed to display the following logo on their websites and official stationery:

CILEx Regulation Authorised Entity

We provide our regulated firms with a logo to show that they are regulated by us. From June 2018, we have provided a digital logo to our firms to display on their website. This is an example of the logo:

Yoshki SmartBadge

When you visit the website of one of our firms:

1. Click on the logo. The screen display will look like the one below. This is confirmation from us that the firm is genuine and regulated by us.

2. You must then click on the green bar at the head or foot of the page to make sure that you return to the firm’s genuine website.


3. If the screen display looks like the one below, you must contact us at because the website may not be genuine.


Our firms are gradually starting to use the digital logo but not all our firms have it on their website yet. If you visit a website which displays our logo, and you cannot click through on it, you should contact us at if you have any queries about the firm.

Why use one of our firms?


Each of our firms has insurance known as Professional Indemnity Insurance (or PII). This insurance protects you should you have a loss because you are given negligent legal advice or service by the firm. This insurance ensures that you do not lose out financially if the firm makes a mistake. It applies to all legal services provided by the firm. 

How to find out about a firm’s insurance

Our firms must provide information about their insurance where consumers can easily find it, for example:
  • displayed at their office, 
  • on their website, 
  • in a letter or leaflet sent to you at the start of your case or transaction.
You can always ask your firm questions about their insurance to make sure you understand the protection it offers you should things go wrong.

Compensation Arrangements 

Our compensation arrangements provide additional protection for consumers using legal services for which our firms are specialist and authorised. Payments under the scheme are discretionary and subject to meeting certain criteria. The schemes purpose is to relieve hardship. Money may be paid to consumers if the firm is unable to pay compensation where something has gone wrong but this relates only to the area of law for which the firm is authorised and not for other legal advice or services provided by the firm.

A payment may be made under the compensation arrangements if a firm has misused or taken money that belongs to you.

If you think you may be entitled to a payment under the arrangements, please contact

The CILEx Authorised Entity Directory

The CILEx Authorised Entity Directory contains details of all entities authorised by CILEx Regulation to provide legal services.

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