Choosing a Lawyer

Choosing a Lawyer

There are a number of things to consider and checks you should make when choosing a lawyer.


If you prefer a face-to-face meeting with your lawyer, you should consider how easy it is to travel to see them. Alternatively, you may prefer simply contacting your lawyer by phone, by post or online, in which case your lawyer’s locality isn’t as important.

Types of legal work

You should find a lawyer who specialises in the type of legal work you need. This, in turn, may influence how you communicate with them. For example, if you feel your chosen specialist lawyer is located too far away for a personal meeting, then your communication options are limited to the phone, post and online tools, such as email.

The lawyers and entities (firms, businesses or practices) we regulate are experienced and specialise in particular areas of legal work. Visit our ‘Who we are’ section for more details of the work they do.

Regulated lawyers

If you decide to use a CILEx regulated lawyer, then check our CILEx Authorised Practitioners Directory to make sure they are who they claim to be.

If using the legal services of a CILEx Authorised Entity, then use our CILEx Authorised Entities Directory to check out their credentials.

You can also check a lawyer’s disciplinary record in our Disciplinary Records Directory.


The costs associated with legal work and the way you are charged for legal services varies. Shopping around will help you reach a better understanding of how much your legal work might cost and what payment methods are available to you.

Initial discussion

Often lawyers are willing to speak to you (either for free or for a fixed fee) before you ask them to carry out work for you, either in person or over the phone. Always make sure you know whether the first interview is free or not. Also make sure you understand how long the discussion is for and make a note of the information you need before the discussion takes place, such as costs.


You may have accessibility requirements and therefore, you may need to find out which lawyer or entity best meets your particular needs.


You may ask someone you trust to recommend their preferred CILEx regulated lawyer or entity, e.g. a friend, family member or employer.

You should consider all of the above suggestions for choosing a lawyer alongside any recommendations you may receive.

Other sources of information

Legal Choices and Citizens Advice also offer information about choosing a legal adviser.