Find a Lawyer

Find a Lawyer

We have developed some factors that you should think about when you choose a lawyer to carry out legal work for you.

We maintain directories of lawyers and entities who meet and maintain the standards in legal work and services we have set. The directories are maintained so consumers can find out who we authorise.

CILEx Authorised Practitioners Directory

You can find details of the individual lawyers who we authorise to carry out legal work and are known as either a Chartered Legal Executive or a CILEx Practitioner in the CILEx Authorised Practitioners directory.

We also regulate other members of CILEx, however, you will not find these members’ details in a directory because they are not authorised to carry out legal work and must work under the supervision of an authorised lawyer to carry out certain types of legal work known as reserved legal activities. However, there is no restriction on the work they can do provided there is a supervising lawyer who is authorised for the legal work.