Authorised Persons

Authorised Persons

What does an Authorised Person do?

By law, an Authorised Person is someone authorised (given special permission) by legal regulators, including CILEx Regulation, to carry out specific areas of legal work known as reserved legal work.

It is a criminal offence to carry out reserved legal work if a person is not authorised, unless they are carrying out reserved legal work under the supervision of an Authorised Person.

What areas of law are regarded as reserved legal work?

Reserved legal work includes:

  • Advocacy, which is speaking on a person’s behalf in court.
  • Litigation, which is the process of going to court to resolve disputes.
  • Conveyancing, which is the legal work involved in buying and selling property, dealing with leases, or dealing with landlord and tenancy issues.
  • Probate, which is dealing with wills, trusts, inheritance tax and the administration of estates.
  • Oaths administration, which is the process of a person swearing that a document is true.

CILEx Regulation standards

CILEx sets the professional standards for all Chartered Legal Executives. These standards are enforced by CILEx Regulation.