Chartered Legal Executives

Chartered Legal Executives

What is a Chartered Legal Executive?

A Chartered Legal Executive is a lawyer who has completed all the elements of the route to qualification at the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

What does a Chartered Legal Executive do?

A Chartered Legal Executive often specialises in a particular area of law, usually alongside solicitors or CILEx Practitioners. He or she carries out reserved legal work, under the supervision of an Authorised Person, unless he or she is a CILEx Practitioner, in which case no supervision is required.

The most common areas of law that Chartered Legal Executives specialise in are:

  • Conveyancing, which is the legal work involved in buying and selling property, dealing with leases, or dealing with landlord and tenancy issues.
  • Criminal law, which is defending and prosecuting people accused of crimes.
  • Company and business law, which is advising on laws which concern clients’ businesses, such as tax and employment law.
  • Litigation, which is the process of going to court to resolve disputes.
  • Personal injury, which is handling accident claims.
  • Family law, which includes divorce, adoption and children's issues.
  • Probate, which is dealing with wills, trusts, inheritance tax and the administration of estates.

A Chartered Legal Executive may also administer oaths and is able to represent people in some courts, before a Judge or at a tribunal. Some Chartered Legal Executives run their own law firm carrying out non-reserved legal work.

How do I tell if a Chartered Legal Executive is genuine?

All Chartered Legal Executives are individually regulated by CILEx Regulation and their details can be found in the CILEx Authorised Practitioners Directory.

CILEx Regulation standards

CILEx sets the professional standards for all Chartered Legal Executives. These standards are enforced by CILEx Regulation.