CILEx Practitioners

CILEx Practitioners

What is a CILEx Practitioner?

A CILEx Practitioner is a specialist lawyer in one or more areas of legal work, but only if he or she is authorised by us to do so. Other legally qualified people can also do this work, but only if they are supervised by an Authorised Person.

What does a CILEx Practitioner do?

We authorise CILEx Practitioners to work in one or more of the following areas of legal work:

  • Criminal, and/or family, and/or civil litigation and advocacy. Litigation is the process of going to court to resolve disputes, and advocacy is speaking on a person’s behalf in court.
  • Immigration, which includes asylum, citizenship and nationality issues.
  • Probate, which is dealing with wills, trusts, inheritance tax and the administration of a dead person’s estate.
  • Conveyancing, which is the legal work involved in buying and selling property, dealing with leases or dealing with landlord and tenancy issues. To be authorised by us a CILEx Practitioner must show that he or she has the right knowledge, skills and experience in his or her specialist area of law.

Aspiring CILEx Practitioners apply to CILEx Regulation to gain the right to practice (known as practice rights) in these specialist areas of law. This legal work is called reserved legal work and, unsupervised, authorised CILEx Practitioners can:

  • Appear as an advocate before a court.
  • Conduct litigation.
  • Carry out conveyancing works.
  • Perform probate work.
  • Administer oaths, which is the process of a person swearing that a document is true.

We authorise by each individual area of law, which means a CILEx Practitioner will only be authorised for those areas of law in which he or she can demonstrate competence.

Unauthorised CILEx members and Chartered Legal Executives can also carry out reserved legal work, but only as an employee working in a legal practice where there is someone authorised to provide that work. He or she will then work under the supervision of that authorised person.

How do I tell if a CILEx Practitioner is genuine?

All CILEx Practitioners are regulated by CILEx Regulation. You can find details of all regulated CILEx Practitioners in the CILEx Authorised Practitioners Directory.

CILEx Regulation Standards

CILEx sets the professional standards for all CILEx Practitioners. These standards are enforced by CILEx Regulation.