Adamuszek, Marcin


01 June 2017


The charges against Marcin Adamuszek were: 

Charge 1

Failing to act competently in the best interest of his client, contrary to Principle 5 of the CILEx Code of Conduct 2015. 

Between 1 January 2016 and 31 March 2016 Marcin Adamuszek,having accepted professional instructions from or on behalf of his client to advise in the matter of family court proceedings: 

(i) failed to do so competently; further, or alternatively

(ii) accepted such instructions when the matter was outside his competence, knowledge or experience; further or alternatively

(iii) failed to adequately explain and agree with his client the terms on which his services were to be provided, including their extent, anticipated costs and outcome.

Charge 2

Failing to maintain high standards of professional conduct in the provision of legal services and to act effectively and in accordance with proper governance, contrary to Principle 2 and/or 8 of the CILEx Code of Conduct 2015.

Between 1 January 2016 and 31 March 2016 Marcin Adamuszek, in the course of acting for his client failed to create or maintain any or any adequate and accurate records of the matter.

Charge 3 

Failing to deal with his regulator openly, promptly and co-operatively and/or to respond to reasonable enquiries made by a CILEx Regulation Investigator, contrary to Principle 4 of the CILEx Code of Conduct 2015.

In June and July 2016 Marcin Adamuszek failed to respond and/or failed to respond adequately to correspondence from CILEx Regulation Limited requesting information and explanations in the matter of his dealings with his client.


The Tribunal found all charges proved. 


The Disciplinary Tribunal decided to exclude Marcin Adamuszek from CILEx Membership for a minimum of 2 years. Mr. Adamuszek was ordered to pay costs.