Blair, Lindsey Anne


12 May 2011


The allegations against Mrs Blair were that she:

failed to obtain the written consent of all parties where she acted for a property finder and purchaser, or property finder, purchaser and lender in the same conveyancing transaction;             

failed to report relevant matters to mortgage lenders; and

failed to act in the best interests of her client, being a charitable trust, and derived an indirect gain from her employment as a trustee.

Mrs Blair had entered into a Regulatory Settlement Agreement with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, the effect of the agreement was that an Order pursuant to Section 43 of the Solicitors Act 1974 had been made against Mrs Blair.


The allegations were found proved.


The Panel ordered that Mrs Blair provide an undertaking that she would seek the permission of IPS before embarking on any work which was paid or remunerated and involved the exercise of reserved legal activities and/or acting as a trustee.