Jackson, Daniel


21 December 2018


Mr Jackson faced the following allegations:

Allegation 1:

Mr Jackson failed to notify CILEx Regulation of the SRA’s investigation into his conduct as soon as he became aware of it, or as soon as possible after this time, in breach of Rules 11(1)(g) and 12(2) of the CILEx Investigation, Disciplinary and Appeals Rules 2015 and Principle 4 of the CILEx Code of Conduct.

Allegation 2:
Mr Jackson attempted to conceal the investigation by the SRA into his conduct and thereby failed to behave with honesty and integrity in breach of Principle 3 of the CILEx Code of Conduct.


Daniel Jackson admitted the allegations and gave consent in accordance with Rule 17(5) Enforcement Rules 2018 for the Panel to dispose of the allegations in accordance with Rule 17(4).


In accordance with Rule 17(4) Enforcement Rules 2018, the Panel decided to reprimand Mr Jackson and warn him about his future conduct.