Warwick, Christopher


07 February 2019


The charges of misconduct against Mr Warwick referred to the  Disciplinary Tribunal were that:

  1. Christopher Warwick failed to maintain high standards of professional and personal conduct by behaving in a way that could undermine and/or affect adversely the confidence and trust placed in himself and his profession by his employer, the public and others;
  1. Christopher Warwick failed to behave with honesty and integrity and sought intentionally to mislead Paterson Law Limited 

Contrary to: Principle 2, Outcome 2.2 and Principle 3, Outcomes 3.1 and 3.2 of the CILEx Code of Conduct 2015.

The particulars to this both charges were that on or about 24 March 2017 Christopher Warwick, then an Associate Member of CILEx in the employ of Patterson Law Limited, deliberately and dishonestly altered the content of a Study Aid and Study Strategies Report from Staffordshire University to assist a subsequent application for assistance in connection with his CILEx examinations.


The Disciplinary Tribunal found both charges against Mr Warwick proved on the basis that the employment tribunal’s findings on which the charges were based amounted to conclusive evidence against Mr Warwick under Rule 29(6)(c) of the CILEx Regulation Enforcement Rules 2018.


In accordance with Rule 30(5)(iv) of the CILEx Regulation Enforcement Rules 2018, the Disciplinary Tribunal excluded Mr Warwick from CILEx membership for a minimum period of three months. He must re-apply to CILEx to reinstate his membership after the exclusion period should he wish his membership of CILEx to continue.