Business Communications

Business Communications

What will we put on our headed paper and website to show we are regulated?

Ans: Those entities approved as an Authorised Body will be required to state that they are ‘Authorised by CILEx Regulation for…’ with the appropriate practice right(s) and then their Authorisation number. 

The Authorised Body may also display a logo but this must be in conjunction with the wording. CILEx Regulation specifies the size and location of the logo. The use of logos is encouraged but not made compulsory.

Your letterhead, website and emails will be required to show the firm’s registered name (and number, if it is an LLP or Limited Company) or the name under which it is authorised by CILEx Regulation. Then it must state ".. is authorised by CILEx Regulation for……." with the appropriate practice right(s) and authorisation number.

For example: ABC Limited is authorised by CILEx Regulation for Probate.

The Approved Managers should ensure they state clearly the regulated activity they are authorised to carry out.

What titles can the Approved Managers use?

Ans: If you are a Fellow you can use:
  • Chartered Legal Executive, CILEx Immigration Practitioner 
  • Chartered Legal Executive, CILEx Conveyancing Practitioner 
  • Chartered Legal Executive, CILEx Probate Practitioner
  • Chartered Legal Executive, CILEx Litigator 
  • Chartered Legal Executive Advocate
(the commas can be changed to ‘and’).

If the Practitioner is not a Fellow then:
  • CILEx Conveyancing Practitioner 
  • CILEx Probate Practitioner
If the Approved Manager is a solicitor then their title would remain as solicitor.

Are there any restrictions on what our company name can be under your regulation?


There are certain sensitive words & expressions that cannot be used without the prior approval of the Secretary of State. These include Charter and Chartered. In addition there are also words and expressions controlled by other legislation, which includes Solicitor. The expectation of Companies House is that use of this word is predicated upon regulation by the SRA. We are discussing this matter with the SRA. 

Companies House rules also cover if a company’s activities are misleading, then the company can be required to change their name after incorporation. This covers misleading indication of activities within a name. 

So what we can say is that you can’t use ‘Chartered’ or ‘Solicitor’ as it stands nor any other protected name, nor should you ‘hold out’ to provide services you cannot provide within your company name.

Where will clients and other firms be able to check our regulation and practice rights?

Ans: There will be a new directory listing the firms who are regulated by CILEx Regulation and the areas they are authorised and regulated for. It will list who the Approved Managers are and what practice right they hold, as well as who is the Compliance Manager in the firm.