Entity Forms

Entity Forms

The following forms are for use by the Compliance Manager(s) of CILEx Authorised Entities and those applying to be authorised and regulated.

As a Compliance Manager you will need to use this form: to advise us of the following events:
  • Reserved/Regulated Legal Activity Changes
  • Approved Manager Changes
  • Temporary Change of Approved Manager (of more than 28 days)
  • Change in Client Money handling arrangements  
  • Any other material change that is likely to impact on the terms of Authorisation.

Forms to assist in the management of the entity

The following forms have been developed by us to provide you with tools you may use in carrying out your duties in managing the practice or managing the accounts of the practice. 
We will continue to publish additional forms and guidance during 2016.

If you have any queries regarding Entity Regulation, please email your Relationship Officer or contact us on +44 (0)1234 845 770.

Approved Manager Application Form

Use this form to apply to become an Approved Manager.

> Approved Manager Application Form

Compliance Manager Handbook

Use our Compliance Manager Handbook to help guide you through the application process to become a Compliance Manager.

> Compliance Manager Handbook

Compliance Manager Application FOrm

Use this form to apply to become a Compliance Manager.

> Compliance Manager Application Form