Self-employed Members

The information provided in these webpages will also support those CILEx members running their own firms providing non-reserved legal activities (i.e. not advocacy, litigation, conveyancing, immigration or probate).

We are keen to help members improve the services they provide to consumers and ensure that they are compliant with the CILEx Code of Conduct.

Annual checks

We annually review the services that self-employed members provide to ensure that they are observing their regulatory requirements. You will receive a short questionnaire for completion. We may ask for a copy of your client care information and complaint handling procedures for review and to enable us to give you feedback on how you can improve.

Client Care Information and Complaint Handling Procedures

We are happy to support members setting up their own firms by reviewing your draft client care information and complaint handling procedures. Please email these in to us. 

Client Money

We would recommend you refer to the CILEx Account Rules as we believe compliance with these Rules is good practice for all firms holding client money. We have provided specimen client account reconciliation forms for assist you in managing client money. They are also available within the Resources section.

Business Planning and Risk Management

We have drawn up a business planning document and specimen risk register to help you manage risk. This is called a Specimen Business Compliance Form and is available within the Resources section.

Next Step

If you are thinking about your firm becoming authorised by CILEx Regulation to provide reserved or regulated legal services, then please contact the Entity Authorisation and Supervision Team:

Phone: +44 (0)1234 845770


Regulating Legal Practices

Find out the benefits of being regulated by us.

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