Annual Returns

Annual Returns

Authorised Entities

The purpose of the Annual Return is to update us on any changes to the Authorised Entity within the last 12 months. We will also review your documentation to ensure it is up to date.

Authorised Entities are required to submit an Annual Return to us within 1 month of the anniversary of authorisation. We will send the Annual Return to the Compliance Manager by email and a reminder will be sent 1 month before the due date.

If the Annual Return is not submitted by the due date an explanation will be required. CILEx Regulation may then refer the matter for further regulatory action.

The practice fee and annual contribution to the Compensation Fund are due at the anniversary of your authorisation and are detailed in the Fees section of our website. 

Approved Manager or Compliance Manager

Each Approved Manager and Compliance Manager of an Authorised Entity should submit an annual return. All annual returns should be submitted by the Compliance Manager together with the Authorised Entity Annual Return.

CILEx Regulation has Annual Return forms for an Approved Manager and a Compliance Manager.

Next Step

Make sure you have diarised the completion of your Annual Return. Use of a Risk Register is recommended.