Entity Changes

Entity Changes

You must provide us with details of any changes which may affect your Authorisation at the earliest opportunity, using our Application to Modify the Terms of CILEx Regulation Authorisation form.

Such changes may include:
  • Your entity's structure and whether it may become the subject of a merger, or takeover. 
  • Whether you intend to cease trading.
  • Changes to personnel, including any issues of prior conduct.
  • Changes to areas of work undertaken.

We will acknowledge receipt of any written notification within 2 days. In the case of a minor change(s), we may amend our records relating to your entity accordingly. 

In the case of a fundamental change(s), we will contact you within 14 days to obtain any further information relating to the change(s) and then consider any further action that may be necessary.

We will assess the impact of the change(s) on the Authorisation of the Authorisation Entity or Approved Manager(s).

Next step

If there is any doubt concerning whether a particular change may need to be communicated, please seek guidance from us.