Data Release

Releasing Your Data to Comparison Websites

The regulatory requirement

The Legal Services Consumer Panel (Consumer Panel) and the Legal Services Board (LSB) require legal regulators to release and publish data relating to their respective regulated communities so that comparison websites can access and use it. To better understand their reasons for this you can find information about open data on the Consumer Panel website.

In line with other legal regulators, we believe consumers should have made available to them data about our authorised individuals via comparison websites. 

This gives our authorised individuals the same opportunities as those from other parts of the legal sector to promote their public profiles and the services they offer.

What data will be released?

If you are a Chartered Legal Executive or a CILEx Practitioner then the following data about you will be released:
  1. Your full name and salutation.
  2. Your business address as it appears on the CILEx Authorised Practitioners Directory.
  3. Confirmation that you are regulated by CILEx Regulation.
This is the same information which appears in the CILEx Authorised Practitioners Directory. The data is published in an Excel spreadsheet on the Consumers section of the CILEx Regulation website and is updated about every three months. Data recorded in the CILEx Authorised Practitioners Directory is unaffected by your decision to release or not to release your data.

Will disciplinary data be included?

Disciplinary data is not currently included. Comparison websites will be asked to include a statement to inform consumers that they can view disciplinary records (including published information about unsuccessful appeals) belonging to Chartered Legal Executives and CILEx Practitioners on the CILEx Regulation website. 

Where is the data taken from?

Your data is uploaded from your myCILEx account, your application and subscription forms; and from your direct contact with us. It is, therefore, imperative that any information you provide to either CILEx or CILEx Regulation is always accurate and up to date. 

How might I benefit from consenting to release my data?

Consenting to release your data may provide you with commercial and marketing benefits, such as:
  1. Association with other lawyers from across the wider legal profession.
  2. Profile-raising to a wider audience of legal services consumers.
  3. Greater online presence and exposure to consumers, who are increasingly accessing legal services and publishing their feedback online.

What should I consider before consenting to release my data?

  1. Your data will be available for anyone to use.
  2. Any comparison website will be able to access, use and republish your data.
  3. We will publish updated data about every three months.
  4. Comparison websites are responsible for the frequency with which they republish your data on their websites.
  5. Your data could be transferred and processed in other jurisdictions, which may be subject to different data protection laws to ours.
  6. We will always clarify that the data we release and publish relates only to England and Wales.
  7. Legal service feedback provided by consumers can have commercial advantages but we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

How do I consent to the release of my data?

Chartered Legal Executives: via your myCILEx account (see below for full details on how to do this).

CILEx Practitioner who are CILEx members: by completing your CILEx Practitioner Application Form or via your myCILEx account.

CILEx Practitioners who are not members of CILEx: by completing your CILEx Practitioner Application Form or by contacting us directly.

Non-practising members: by giving us your consent to your data being released, however, you will not have your data included in the published spreadsheet until the next scheduled spreadsheet of data is published after you return to a practising grade.

Please note: if you are a Chartered Legal Executive or a CILEx Practitioner and you are an employee in a firm, you may wish to discuss with your employer your decision to consent to the release of your data.

How to consent to the release of your data via your myCILEx account

  1. Log into your myCILEx account via the main CILEx website.
  2. Select ‘My Profile’ from the ‘Update Your Details’ box.
  3. Select ‘Data Release’.
  4. Select the ‘I consent to my data being released’ option.
  5. Click ‘Submit’.

What if later I change my mind about consenting to release my data?

For CILEx members (Chartered Legal Executives and CILEx Practitioners), you can do this via your myCILEx account in exactly the same way as when you gave your consent, except this time you select the ‘I do not consent to my data being released’ option.

For non-member CILEx Practitioners you can do this by getting in touch with CILEx Regulation directly.

Please note: your consent or your withdrawal to consent to the release of your data is only effective when the next scheduled spreadsheet of data is published, which currently is every three months.

Data Release

CILEx Regulation Authorised Individuals

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Data Release

CILEx Authorised Entities

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