Qualifying Employment

Qualifying Employment

Qualifying employment is work that is wholly of a legal nature. You must be undertaking work that is qualifying employment for at least 20 hours per week. 

Your work must also be supervised by an authorised person. An authorised person is a lawyer qualified in accordance with the Legal Services Act 2007, s. 18. For example CILEx Fellows, CILEx Practitioners, Solicitors, Barristers, Licensed Conveyancers are all authorised persons under the Act.

We have developed guidance as to the type of duties and responsibilities that will be considered qualifying employment.

Is my role qualifying employment?

You are advised to apply to have your employment assessed by us before you commence work-based learning.  

You can apply for an assessment of your work by completing an application form. There is a non-refundable fee of £70 for the assessment. 

We have created some guidance notes to help you with your application.

We will assess all roles that you rely upon for your period of qualifying employment. We will provide you with a decision as to which of your roles will count towards the required 3 years' qualifying employment.

What does the assessment involve?

We will review your application and consider all of the information that you provide about your roles.  

If we need any additional information to complete the assessment we will write to you for it. Where we can we will determine your application and you will be notified of the decision in writing. In some circumstances we will not be able to make a decision. We will then refer your application to our Admissions and Licensing Committee for its decision.  

Once you have received a decision as to which work is qualifying employment you will be in a better position to judge when you should submit your Fellowship application and work-based learning portfolio.


Our applications are decided in accordance with our: