Work-based Learning

Work-based Learning

In making an application for Fellowship of CILEx, you must meet work-based learning outcomes and the qualifying employment requirements.

There are 27 work-based learning outcomes to meet. You will need to provide 2 examples of meeting each outcome, except for 7 of the outcomes where you only need to provide one example. So, in total you will need to provide 47 examples. For each example that you provide you should submit a logbook sheet with evidence attached. The logbook sheet should explain how you have met the outcome and how the evidence you have provided shows that you have met the outcome. The evidence should be redacted examples of work you have completed in your role.

Our Work-based Learning Handbook provides more information about the outcomes. You will complete an application form which contains the logbook sheet that you need to complete for each outcome. Please download the application form, complete electronically, manually sign and return it to us by post. The application also asks for other information about your work and is your application for Fellowship of CILEx. 

We have produced examples of outcomes together with completed logbook sheets to show you how you complete the logbook sheet and give you an indication on how to meet the outcomes. 

You should begin working on your logbook and portfolio after your first year of qualifying employment. Therefore, it is important to have your work assessed for qualifying employment early. Your aim should be to collect evidence that you meet work-based learning outcomes as you carry out your work. Therefore, you need to be aware of the outcomes. Evidence should not be more than two years old at the time of submitting your application.

Your application and logbook sheets will need to be signed by your supervisor, who must be an authorised person. You should ensure that your employer is aware of the scheme requirements and you should seek their consent to the release of any redacted evidence in your portfolio.

What is the process?

We advise you to have your work assessed for qualifying employment early.

You will complete your application form and pay the relevant fee.

We will acknowledge receipt and provide a timescale for assessment of your application. As part of the assessment, we will consider your logbook sheets and evidence. If we identify that any improvements are needed we will write to you.  

Once we assess that you have met all the work-based learning outcomes and qualifying employment requirements you will be granted Fellowship of CILEx. In some instances, we may not be able to make a decision and your application will need to be determined by the CILEx Regulation Admissions and Licensing Committee. 


Our applications are decided in accordance with our:

Work-Based Learning Application Form

Download, print, complete and submit by post

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Work-based Learning Resources

View a selection of competency examples to help you put together your work-based learning portfolio.

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