WBL Competency 2: Communication Skills


Outcome 2.3: Address all issues in communication


Provide two examples

Guidance for Outcome 2.3


To meet this Outcome you will need to show that you have addressed all issues in communication, in a matter you have dealt with. This could be a number of separate issues over various communications or a number of issues within one piece of communication.


In your logbook sheets you should explain how you have addressed the issues, referring to any relevant law or procedure.


You should attach supporting evidence of your communications, e.g., a letter to a client or professional.


Examples for Outcome 2.3

Examples may come from different types of legal work as shown by following the links below:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3


Could you use your evidence for these Outcomes too?


Remember to read the guidance for each outcome to ensure you fully meet the criteria


If in addressing all of the issues, you wrote to another professional and represented your client’s position to them, you could possibly use this evidence towards meeting the following Outcome:

Outcome 2.5 Represent a client through effective communication and other skills


If in addressing all the issues, you provided your client with alternative courses of action available to them and sufficiently evaluated the options, you could possibly use the evidence towards meeting the following Outcome:

Outcome 3.4 Evaluate the risks, costs and benefits of alternative courses of action