WBL Competency 5: Business Awarenes

Outcome 5.2: Evaluate the risks, costs and benefits of alternative courses of action to the business

Provide one example

Guidance for Outcome 5.2


To meet this Outcome you will need to show that you understand how the choices you make in the course of your work impact your business in terms of risks, costs and benefits.

In your logbook sheet you should explain a scenario where you had to choose one method of working over another, explaining the risks, costs and benefits of both and why you chose one method over another.

You should attach supporting evidence that shows the evaluation of risks, costs and benefits of alternative courses of action to the business, e.g., when choosing between providers of services to the business or when choosing in-house as opposed to external services or counsel attach all relevant correspondence.

Examples for Outcome 5.2

Examples may come from different types of legal work as shown by following the link below:

Example 1


Could you use your evidence for these Outcomes too?


Remember to read the guidance for each outcome to ensure you fully meet the criteria

If you chose one method of communication over another, you could possibly use this evidence towards meeting the following Outcome:

Outcome 2.1 Communicate legal issues using appropriate methods