WBL Competency 6: Professional Conduct

Outcome 6.1: Apply the rules of professional conduct appropriately to relevant situations

Provide two examples

Guidance for Outcome 6.1


To meet this Outcome you will need to show that you have complied with the rules of the professional Code of Conduct (Code) that apply to you. You probably achieve this outcome on a daily basis without much thought.  A review of the relevant professional Code may assist you in finding examples.

In your logbook sheets you should refer to the Code and explain how you applied it to your matter, e.g., carrying out a conflict of interest check how did you comply with the CILEx Code, Principle 7 and/or the SRA Code, Principle 4.

You should attach supporting evidence that actually shows you applied the professional conduct rules and Code to a matter, e.g., a letter to the client demonstrating carrying out a conflict check.

Examples for Outcome 6.1

Examples may come from different types of legal work as shown by following the links below:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

 Could you use your evidence for these Outcomes too?


Remember to read the guidance for each outcome to ensure you fully meet the criteria

If you applied the professional conduct rules and are able to demonstrate within your evidence that you avoided discrimination and promoted equality and diversity, you could possibly use this evidence towards meeting the following Outcome:

Outcome 6.3 Understand the need to avoid discrimination and promote equality and diversity