Data Release for Comparison Websites

Data Release for Comparison Websites

Data Release For Comparison Websites

15 July 2015

The Legal Services Board and Legal Services Consumer Panel have asked the legal regulators to publish data relating to their regulated community in a readily reusable format, as they see comparison websites, and other consumer choice tools, as the means of improving choice for consumers of legal services.

In response to this CILEx Regulation has, for the first time, published information about its regulated individuals, who have consented to the release of their data, so that comparison websites can access and use it.
CILEx Regulation believes it is important for data relating to its authorised individuals to be released, in order to provide consumers with information about them on comparison websites. This will ensure that our authorised individuals have the same opportunities as those from other parts of the legal sector to raise their public profile and promote the services they offer.

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