Regulator collaboration needed

Regulator collaboration needed following Mayson report

Regulator collaboration needed

27 July 2015

CILEx Regulation has issued the following statement following the publication of the report by Professor Stephen Mayson for the Legal Services Board on the legislative options beyond the Legal Services Act 2007.

“The progress report to the Justice Minister on deregulation and market liberation shows that, although the Legal Services Act is complicated and overly prescriptive, it has had a substantive impact on the sector and the way services are provided. It has brought new, more independent ways of dealing with consumer complaints and facilitated new entrants, both amongst the regulators (of which CILEx is one) and new models of business through ABS. More can be achieved through collaboration by the regulators to reduce unnecessary overlap and duplication, where they can see that it is in the interests of consumers, practitioners and the administration of justice to do so. 
"The options paper put together by the regulatory bodies under the leadership of Stephen Mayson is a valuable resource when reviewing those changes. It will also provide a resource for the government if it feels a further review is needed. However, as is evident from the current Act, regulatory requirements imposed in the teeth of sectoral opposition is much less likely to lead to balanced, proportionate and rational outcomes than changes achieved through convergence and co-operation derived from practical understanding of issues.  CILEx regulation hopes that further progress will be made under the legislation as it is, rather than waiting for a new settlement to be achieved through a review and subsequent legislation.”

Read the Legislative options beyond the Legal Services Act 2007 report.