Work Based Learning

Work Based Learning and Qualifying Employment

Work Based Learning and Qualifying Employment

June 2013

The Legal Services Board has recently approved changes proposed by IPS to the criteria for assessing the work experience of applicants for admission as a Fellow. The new requirements will be for a minimum of 3 years’ experience and completion of portfolios of evidence demonstrating that applicants have met work based learning criteria relevant to Fellowship. 

Key Changes
The key changes are as follows:
  • A revised definition of qualifying employment.
  • A reduction from 5 years qualifying employment, including 2 years in the Graduate Member grade, to 3 years as the minimum period of qualifying employment required, with the most recent year to be served in the Graduate Member grade.
  • Your qualifying employment must be consecutive for the 2 years immediately preceding the date of the application.
  • You will also demonstrate you have met the work based learning criteria by submitting a logbook and portfolio covering 27 outcomes demonstrating your competence.
  • You should register for the scheme before starting to collate your portfolio of evidence.
  • These changes will come into effect from 24 June 2013.
Transitional Arrangements
There are transitional arrangements available for members who have at least 3 years of qualifying employment and less than 2 years to serve in the Graduate grade of membership on or before 24 June 2013. These arrangements will remain valid until 19 June 2015 and will enable members who meet the criteria to apply for Fellowship under the existing rules.
The waiver application procedure, which enables Graduate members who have served less than 2 years in the Graduate grade of membership to apply for Fellowship, will come to an end on 24 June 2013. Anyone applying after that date under the old rules, under the transitional arrangements, will not be able to apply for a waiver, but instead will apply under the new rules.