We have a qualification scheme under which you can become a Chartered Legal Executive Advocate.

Qualification as an advocate

This qualification scheme is open to Chartered Legal Executives who want to qualify as advocates. Under this scheme you must be an employee or partner of a solicitor's practice. If you intend to set up your own practice you need to apply for litigation and advocacy rights.
To apply for advocacy rights you have to:
  • Be a Chartered Legal Executive.
  • Demonstrate your current knowledge and experience of litigation and advocacy by applying for a Certificate of Eligibility.
  • Complete a 6-day advocacy skills course and pass the course assessment. 

The advocacy rights

The advocacy rights are split into three practice areas. You will apply for the advocacy rights in the practice area in which you work. The three practice areas are:
  • civil litigation
  • criminal litigation
  • family litigation.
We have set out the rights of audience that you gain.

The application process

There is an application form that you must complete to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility. We have developed guidance to help you complete the form. You must demonstrate:
The application process has been designed to enable you to demonstrate your current competence in the area of practice in which you seek advocacy rights.  Competence requires you to demonstrate your:
  • Knowledge of law and practice in the litigation and advocacy area.
  • Experience in litigation and advocacy practice.


The non-refundable assessment fee for this application is £110.


All applicants are required to complete a new Standard DBS check for CILEx Regulation. Further information on obtaining the check can be found here

Course providers

Once you have obtained a Certificate of Eligibility you must complete an advocacy course through an accredited course provider. The course accreditation process ensures that courses will meet the course outcomes and assessment criteria under the scheme. We moderate assessments and inspect course provision. Contact us for details of course providers.

Kaplan Altior offer advocacy skills courses in civil, criminal and family proceedings. Further information on dates and venues for upcoming courses can be found on the Kaplan website.
After completing and passing the course you will make an application to become a Chartered Legal Executive Advocate.  

Practice standards

As a Chartered Legal Executive Advocate you must keep your skills up to date through regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD). In particular you must undertake at least 2 advocacy related CPD activities each year.
The standards of conduct that you must meet as a Chartered Legal Executive Advocate are set out in the CILEx Code of Conduct and in our Rights of Audience Conduct Rules.


Our applications are decided in accordance with the Rights of Audience Certification Rules

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