Rights to Conduct Litigation

Rights to Conduct Litigation

We award rights to conduct litigation. 

Qualification as a litigator 

You can qualify to become a CILEx Litigator if you: 
  • Are a Chartered Legal Executive.
  • Can demonstrate your competence to exercise litigation rights.  

The litigation rights 

The litigation rights are split into three practice areas. You will apply for the litigation rights in the practice area in which you work. The three practice areas are: 

Advocacy rights 

In most legal practices you will need to carry out some advocacy on behalf of clients who have instructed you in the litigation matter. Your application for litigation rights will therefore also include an application for advocacy rights (called 'rights of audience' in the Legal Services Act 2007). 

If you are applying for civil or family litigation rights you can choose to apply for advocacy rights in either: 

  • Chambers hearings.
  • Chambers and open court (County Court or Family Court) hearings. 

If you are applying for criminal litigation rights you will apply for advocacy rights in the Magistrates' and Youth Court and some matters in the Crown Court. 

The application process 

There is an application form that you must complete. We have developed guidance to help you complete the form. Download the handbook relevant to the area of law in which you seek litigation rights: 

The application process has been designed to enable you to demonstrate your competence in the area of litigation practice in which you seek rights. Competence means: 

  • Knowledge of law and practice in the litigation area.
  • Skills in client care, legal research and litigation and advocacy practice.
  • Experience in litigation and advocacy practice. 

You must provide litigation services through a regulated entity. We are a regulator of entities. If you want to seek regulation of your entity by us you must also demonstrate competence in practice management and accounts. See our Applying to be Regulated page for more details.

DBS Check 

All applicants for independent Practice Rights are required to complete a new Standard DBS check for CILEx Regulation. Further details for obtaining the check can be found here


The non-refundable fee for this application is £450.

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Rights to Conduct Litigation

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